Sunday, June 26, 2011

Godzilla Mouse attempts to terrorize New York City!!!

Godzilla size Sprightly Mouse checks out the Met while jaded New Yorkers refuse to bat an eye

I had this genius idea a couple of years ago, but I couldn't make it work.
I wanted to photoshop my mice into pics of famous (famouse?) landmarks the world over and drop them into Goggle Earth so when people clicked on the little photo icons every now and then they'd be surprised by a giant mouse striding Godzilla-like across the landscape.

I started with the Met in NYC, but I couldn't get the upload to work.
The photoshoppery was easy enough though, which just sparked another idea...

If you have a pic you think one of my bronzes would make an interesting addition to, shoot it my way via email and I'll see what I can do.
You could stick it on your fridge or something.

It could be a mouse Godzilla-like, or maybe you just want to see how something would look on your mantle, in your yard, or anything really.

I'd need to photograph the critter in question at the right angle, in the right light and (if you want it to appear actual size) to the right scale, so if you send one pic of the location, and a second pic of the same thing with a soda can parked where you want the critter I can work out those things from that (unless we're doing 'Godzilla style', in which case just the one pic of the location will do just fine).

It won't take a few minutes for me to snap something that will work.

Also, since I don't always have every sculpture immediately available (lots of stuff in galleries), you might check what I do  have, much of which is up on my Etsy store.
Other pieces might require me to pull something from the gallery in town for a day to take the snap.

So, if you want to see Nosey peering off the Arc de Triomphe, or Sprightly sniffing the Eiffel tower or doing his best impersonation of the Colossus of Rhodes email me a pic (just make sure you aren't infringing any copyrights-your own holiday snaps are ideal- since I may post them here later).

Go to 'view complete profile' in the sidebar (or just click HERE) to find my email.

In the example above I used a pic taken by a friend of ours who's website Duaflower you might enjoy.


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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sumo toads take their place in the sun...

Manitou Galleries second home in Santa Fe at 225 Canyon Road
Manitou is the gallery in Santa Fe that shows my work.

Recently they snagged a second location in a cul de sac at the bottom of Canyon Road which actually has a wonderful sculpture garden, so it seemed fitting to let my sumo toads out for a romp around in the sun.

Since they are so aggressive by nature, we transported them from the other gallery in separate crates so they wouldn't be able to fight on the way across town, but as soon as we opened the lids they hopped out across the gravel to wrestle over who gets ownership of the large chunk of rock they both decided was so desirable.

They're still at it even now.

They seem to like being out of doors.

If you live around Santa Fe the gallery is having its official opening on Friday June 24 from 5-8pm.
Hop on over and say 'hello'!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Guess who forked out $250,000 after getting one of my bronzes...?!

That's right, Bob Barker!
Mercy For Animals awarded Bob Barker their 'Compassionate Leadership Award', which (I'm both proud and honored to say) took the form of my framed bronze plaque.

Then Bob handed them a check for $250,000!

Click HERE to learn more about Bob's donation at the Mercy For Animals event.

Of course while it would nice to think he felt moved to such generosity by my touching handiwork, in reality he's a diehard defender of animal rights with a formidable track record of donating millions to causes that support those goals.

When I told Lee (who made the mold and pulled the wax), he said I should have personally called Bob earlier and offered him a 20 percent discount!

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Art is an animal.


This post was inspired by this link a Mr. David Purcell sent me (thanks for that David).

It's a great read, and I couldn't help myself but leave a comment.

My favorite comment is Robert Ulrich's suggestion for a t-shirt slogan.

Did you read it?

OK: Imagine you're having a conversation with some people about an animal.
Only you think the animal in question is an elephant.
And the next person thinks it's a snake.
And the next one a fish, and another person thinks it's a snail but you all think you're talking about the same thing...

'It wouldn't scare me if I woke up with it on my bed'
'Oh, I wouldn't fancy that much!'
'I'd have to rush out and get it a bowl of water'
'Wouldn't scare you? Bowl of water? You're all nuts, I'd be out of there in a shot to get my gun'
'That's a bit extreme'

That's why conversations about art so often go nowhere.
Everyone knows what real art is, but it's a different animal in every person's mind.

Pick ten things that make something art.
How would you arrange them if you had to put them on your fridge door in a certain order?
Most important first, least important last, to satisfy your idea of what makes something art.

Here's a few to pick from to get you started...

Clever. Funny. Understandable. Concept. Well known. Skill. Liveliness. Handmade. Popular. Shock value. Beauty. Message. Famous. Artist's reputation. Connecting emotionally with the viewer. Detail. Simplicity.  The story behind it. The esteemed critic's explanation of it. Uncompromising. Price. Market value. Virtuosity. Craftsmanship. Artistry. Made it look easy. Looks really hard. Inspired. Incomprehensible.

Or anything else I haven't thought of, if those options don't help you find your ten.

Then start a debate about the role of assistants in the making of art.

Or any debate about art, for that matter!
Like what is it?

Unless you're talking with a bunch of people with very similar looking fridge doors to yours, the passionate debate could be heading in a thousand different directions the minute it starts!


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