Thursday, May 29, 2008

'Family Tree' turtle bronze

Here's my newest finished bronze of turtles basking on a floating log.
I like the suggestion of water that the reflective black granite base provides.
There's more pics of it on my website, and below is a pic of it before casting as it looked in clay.

Friday, May 23, 2008

More Mousey 'how it's done'

I suppose if the final bronze is the birth of Nosey mouse, this is more like the conception.
My main man Miles at Anderson Enterprise will be emailing a few more pics of Noseys in progress which I'll be adding to the previous post as they come in (just added de-molding pics), so for now here are a bunch of studies I made from the pet mice I had at the time. I made several pages to familiarize myself with certain key shapes I wanted to accentuate in my finished critters.
Click here for my sculpture website

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The birth of Nosey mouse

It was in the last couple of days of 2006 that Nosey was born.
At least in clay. There was still the trial by fire that had to come before bronzes would emerge.
First I took lots of pictures of the real Nosey, nosing around.

Then I poked and prodded and added to my blob of wax based clay.

I kept poking and prodding and adding until finished.

A fairly lengthy process followed whereby a mold was made (bad news for the clay version, it gets a bit trashed in the process).

Then wax duplicates come from the mold (good news for the immortality of Nosey).

The fine folks at Anderson Enterprise are responsible for casting my mice.

After they've each been invested in their own one time breakable molds, the wax is melted out, and bronze poured in its place. Then they are broken out (sounds very wild west), cleaned up (a bit like me after an exciting feed), patinated and...
...Voila, Nosey mouse is immortal (unless there's ever a countrywide sweep for bronze mice to melt down and use for tiny cannons).Click here to see lots more of my sculptures on my website.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

'Bumper to bumper' turtle sculpture-work in progress 1

I am currently making a 40" long or so sculpture of some turtles in a traffic jam (more of my work can be seen here).
I already made a miniature version just a few inches long (seen here), now I'm doing a larger one. I'll post its progress over time.
First stage is to make a master turtle (which, unmodified, I can also cast as a stand alone edition).
From that I'll get a mold made, and get half a dozen or so wax reproductions of his shell and head so I can make the variously submerged turtles with different head postions, feet where appropriate, etc added with wax based clay.
Each of those will then need its own new mold, from which the pieces will emerge as waxes, to be cast as bronze after that, patinated, and attached to the black granite 'water'.
I haven't finalized the rest of the base yet. Could be a piece of wood so you'd put in on some furniture, or maybe a custom designed table or stand of some kind, as suggested in the picture at the top of this post.
Something for me to think about while things proceed...