Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another easy win-a-mouse contest! Enter now, find out if you won in the new year! (Entry deadline Aug 31)

Another chance to WIN a mouse!

Guess the future weight of the chubby artist (that's me)! 

Sort of like 'guess the length of the snake', only rounder.
And more futuristic.

Because you're not guessing my weight right now (which is 212.2 lbs, as of Aug 1 2010), but what you think it will be on Jan 1st, 2011.

Actually I've been sneaking my weight into the end of my monthly email updates all year (see sidebar to sign up for them) hoping the semi-public display might kick myself up the rear end enough to dump some unnecessary poundage.

Didn't work so far.

Time to get more public about it and (hopefully) force myself into action!

Useful stats...

Here's some useful stats to help you make an educated guess...
I'm 5'10" tall if I stand up really straight.
Lightest I've been in the last couple of decades...173.6 for about 5 minutes several years ago.
Heaviest I've ever been.........................................239.8 for quite a while, but over a decade ago.

You've got all month to post a guess in the comments (more than one guess and you're disqualified!) or email me (put 'chubby artist' in the subject line), of what you think I'll be on Jan 1, 2011.
That is, of course, right after the holidays!
My scale measures with the number after the decimal point always an even number, so every 2/10ths of a pound.
Last chance to guess is Aug 31

Who knows, you might be best off guessing more than I am now, but I hope not!

I'll weigh myself on Jan 1st (I'll keep sneaking my current weight into the monthly email updates, so you can see how you're doing if you like).

And give a mouse to whoever comes closest, and hopefully be considerably lighter when I do.
If the winner doesn't claim their prize by the end of Jan, I'll give it to the next closest instead.

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Deborah Paris said...


Dana Lynn said...

I hope if you are planning on losing weight that you do it slowly. Slow and steady is best for your health. So, I'll guess 196. Best of luck, but don't go to crazy.

Laura Delozier said...

198 is my guess. No matter how much you lose, you can do it!

Unknown said...

Despite Turkey day and xmas in there, I think 187 will be the magic number. (you can do it!) Thanks for the amazing art.

Angela Sullivan said...

I will guess 187.4. I really like those critters. Can you rig this for me? Just kidding.

Steve sculpts critters said...

Alright then, I've got my work cut out!

Anonymous said...


Lynne E. Windsor said...

Barry and I think 192... 5lb allowance for Christmas nosh!

TX Cupcake said...

OOOOOO I sooo want a mouse! I just found your blog and love it. OK so my guess is 212 because I know how hard it is to diet. Besides you look fab just the way you are! Go ahead prove me wrong, I challenge you!

Fay Akers said...

I think you are really going to do really good so I will give you a 182

I also want to tell you that I like your work.

beckielboo said...

Wow, if you're fanatical about this, you could loose 30 pounds. I hope you are a little easier on yourself than that! Most all of us could use a bit of a challenge in this and I wish you the best of luck. No matter how much you loose, it will add to your health.

I'm going to take the middle of the road and guess an even 20 pound loss. That will make you 192.2 on January 1st!

Chubby loves it here but is lonely - I see her peeking into an abandoned mouse hole often! So I have my fingers crossed - again!

BTW, I'm not selfish, I've asked my daughter & 5 friends to send in their own guess. Let's see if even one of them is gutsy enough to take your challenge!

Good Luck, we'll all be watching!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve, found your blog & want a chance. My guess is 202.2. Good luck!
Ron Albert

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve, my Mom made me do this. My guess is 197.6

Don't eat the cobbler!

Mary Ellen Kastelic

S. J. Ingle said...

I'm gonna say 205.3
Because you shouldn't rush things.

Steve sculpts critters said...

TX Cupcake wins a mouse!

tamsen meyer said...

Steve I think you will do a good job losing the weight - cut the extra carbs and I'll guess 193 - Something to aim for! and more exciting news! CONGRATULATIONS for being recognized by your peers. You are indeed a sculptor - and a very good one ! (But we all knew that!) So feel proud - you deserve it!
Tammie Meyer

Micah Neff said...

195....c'mon can do it LOL