Friday, May 18, 2012

I have created a monster...

Veggie monster

The strange vegetable I noticed at the store was a mystery to me.
All I knew is that it looked like Homer Simpson's mouth full of alum.

Actually, I have no idea what alum is, except that it makes cartoon character's mouths shrink so small they can just about fit a drinking straw in.

This I learned from Tom & Jerry.

Or was it Bugs Bunny?

Nope, I'm pretty sure it was Jerry who filled Tom's mouth with alum, and as Tom was forced to try and eat Jerry through a straw, the straw shredded as Jerry got sucked ever closer to Tom's shrunken lips.

Well I could hardly leave the produce aisle without assembling a few other choice veggies (and a fruit) to best effect, could I?

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Emily Deschanel is getting my calf plaque this year...

I'm honored once again by Mercy for Animals: I'm being asked to provide a plaque for them, honoring Emily Deschanel, who's really the one being honored (it was Bob Barker last year).

I know she's on the tv, but I didn't know in what, although I did know of her sister Zooey from one of my all time favorite movies: Elf.
It's hilarious.

I wouldn't make much of a Hollywood celebrity correspondent would I?

Anyhow, I got the email just before the end of April asking if I could do the plaque.
After checking in with my main man man mold wise (and plenty of other things), Lee Wilson,
we decided to give it a shot.

Bob Barker bronze plaque prepped for a new mold with blank name and date...

I had to figure out the quickest way to get it done, so the next day Lee had in his hands my bronze casting of the Bob Barker plaque with some of the lettering smoothed over in clay.
I also decided to add to the width and height, since there's quite a bit of slop in the recess in the back of the frame it will end up in, which I usually fill up with bits of wood or cardboard.

Zig zag pattern decorating extra border area...

It needed a decorative border since there's the chance it might be hung out of the frame at some point, and although the extra border didn't show in the frame, it looked less than ideal out of it, so I got busy with my zig zags.

Or zag zigs if you're dyslexic.

Or would that be gaz gizs?

Anyhow, the day after that Lee had made a mold, and punched out a couple of waxes for me to etch some new lettering in, which I did.

New wax plaque needing Emily Deschanel's name etched in...
Emily Deschanel's freshly etched name and new date...

So the day after that the waxes are heading to the foundry, who usually turn things around in about a month (but this time they're rushing them), although that's unfinished metal, after which there's a bit of grinding, welding and sandblasting, followed by patina.

So far so good, I'm keeping my fingers crossed it all works out in time!

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