Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wrestling toads on the road

My sumo wrestling toads are doing a bit of sightseeing on Park Ave in NYC in the Atrium Bldg.
A friend in NY was nice enough to take some pics, as you can see if you have sharp eyes, she saw them being admired by Tony Soprano. Maybe they look like some of his acquaintances.
Here's various other views.

The exhibition is the 76th annual by the National Sculpture Society at the organization’s headquarters in the Park Avenue Atrium at 237 Park Avenue/466 Lexington Avenue, in midtown Manhattan. Opening on Monday, February 16, the juried show features the figurative works of 41 members. At the conclusion of the show in New York City, the exhibition will travel to Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina where it will be on display from June 27 through August 23.

Thanks Diane for taking the pics, she does beautiful flower photos which you can see at

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Open season on golden parachutes!

Ha! I don't reckon I'll do anything better than this on CafePress (the place where you can get all kinds of merchandise with all kinds of designs on them).

It would be funny if everyone had one of these bumper stickers on their cars: I reckon more than a few fat cats would start getting pretty nervous! Of course if they wanted to spend all their golden parachute money on my bronzes that would be entirely different...
Cafepress golden parachute store.