Sunday, August 31, 2008

'Bumper to bumper' turtle sculpture - work in progress 4

I got the pieces back from the foundry nicely patinated, picked up the granite base, had some holes carefully drilled in it at the relevant positions and have assembled 'Bumper to bumper'.
The above pics I snapped at home with my Canon powershot, the one below was done professionally.
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sprightly down under

I got a bunch of pics emailed to me from someone who had taken their Sprightly mouse with them on a sightseeing trip to Australia.

Not sure how they got a pic of him on the airplane's controls, unless it was a local flight from one house to a neighbor's house several million miles away (I've heard Australia is BIG and there's lots of empty bits).Since he is essentially a bronze ice pick, I'd be surprised if you could get him on a regular flight.
At least there's lots of wet bits around Australia's edges to take the sting out of the overall dryness.Not sure what a road train is exactly, but Sprightly has the best seat in the house.
The pics were taken by Bobbi Valentine, who is the director of an organization in the Santa Fe and Espanola areas doing all kinds of kindly things for unfortunate critters.
Check them out here.
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I just got another email saying the following...

'Love the blog. Actually, I wish I had been able to photograph or video the reactions of the security screeners at the numerous airports. At one airport two x-ray screeners and a supervisor were huddled around the monitor and I heard “is that a rat”

I calmly responded that his name is Ralph Sprightly and he is going on his first overseas trip. The looks were priceless and of course they wanted to see him. A backlog of 20+ people resulted as Ralph emerged from his special carrying case. He was a huge hit. After being patted, he resumed his journey in the comfort of the main cabin [never in the luggage].

The captain and co-pilot of the QANTAS 747 were delighted to meet him, hence the photo at the controls upon landing at LAX

Kind regards,
Bobbi Valentine'