Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Season's Greetings!

This year has been interesting.
I did a few Kickstarter projects and put out a few new pieces.

I'll have some things I'm doing now to blather on about in the new year which I'm quite excited about.
One is on a larger scale, and the other could be on any scale.

But for now I'd like to wish you all a wonderful holiday season and happy and healthy new year!


Monday, October 7, 2013

New bronzes up on Kickstarter...

Hello again,
I just parked two projects up on Kickstarter, the website which enables people to help other people, in this case with up-front casting costs, and in the process get a great deal on the first round of castings.

One is for bronze frog and tree-frog bottle openers. For some reason I really like making bottle openers! The tree frog also hangs on the wall.

To visit that project, click HERE

The other one is for a table top bronze of some frogs hanging out amongst the water lillies, and is called 'your pad or mine'.

To visit that project click HERE

Here are a couple of pics to give you an idea...

Bronze bottle-opening frogs and tree frogs
'Your pad or mine' bronze 9"x12"x5"

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Is it a probiotic drink, or a glass shrapnel bomb?

Bottom of exploding probiotic bottle

Thankfully a strong label prevented extra glass shrapnel spread

This ricocheted off a cutting board in front of Meridee's face
It exploded right in Meridee's face while it was sitting in the sink.
We both shudder to contemplate the damage had she not had 2 things handy at the time:
A cutting board, and really sharp reflexes.

The bottle had an internal pressure that exceeded its breaking point, and dizzyingly fast moving sharp edges.
The glass shrapnel was deflected from hitting Meridee in the face or throat and seems to have taken out a drawer knob behind her.

There was a knob there before the bottle exploded

When it blew up I was sitting 20 feet away and sprang up after hearing a loud 'BANG' and screams.
I was relieved to see Meridee was OK, and disturbed to see the remains of the bottle in the sink, and then tracked down the jagged lid portion and plenty of tiny shards, which kept showing up for days after.

Sparkling. Mmmm, I could think of some other words...

I found this across the room

Fortunately much of the glass had been kept from spraying itself across the room by a very sticky label.

So as it turns out, the bottle was in the fridge past its 'enjoy by' date.
Then Meridee went away painting for 3 weeks, and cleaned out the fridge of old stuff when she got back.
So it was way past its 'enjoy by' date by then.
The bottle then sat in the sink for at least a couple of hours while it generated more than enough internal pressure to go off like some kind of stealthy home made IED.

I got in touch with the KeVita people and suggested that they might determine the failure pressure of the bottle and design a lid that would fail at a lower pressure, perhaps by scoring grooves into it or something to weaken it. Then at least perhaps only the lid would break apart and fly off.
That could still take your eye out, but hopefully not your face off.

I hope they do something to prevent this happening to anyone else. While it was probably a freak occurrence we're not risking it with this brand anymore, but if you like it I'd keep an eye on the 'enjoy by' date (while wearing high impact protective goggles and a bomb squad suit). Perhaps they should have a 'take cover by' date as well.

Other news:
My art grid cards (for all visual artists) that did great on Kickstarter  are now available through their own little website, artgridcards.com
They fit in your wallet, and hopefully don't spontaneously combust!
Notice the nicely rounded corners? (safety first!)

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Piece Shown Off In The Dark!

Manitou Gallery on Canyon Road here in Santa Fe had a show last night featuring new pieces.
They wanted something new from each of their artists.
They decided to hang the show salon style.
That means they kept sheets over everything until the grand unveiling at 5.00pm

The cosmic prankster decided to make their presence felt.
During the afternoon, ominous stormy clouds darkened the skies.

The gallery has a few small high windows and so relies on electrical spot lighting to show off the work.

The show had been hung and covered with the concealing sheets, and so the world waited for the appointed hour.
The sheets were pulled off on the dot of 5.

Unfortunately, as the clouds continued to darken a lightning strike took out power to the whole center of town just before the dot of 5.

No streetlights (there aren't many, anyway).
No traffic lights.
No illuminated shop windows.
And no lit up galleries.

It was like a cave in there!

And squatting in a case, in the darkest corner of the gallery were 7 stones.
Or they might as well have been stones, because that's what they looked like in the dark!

Ah, the irony of the cosmic prankster, eh?
Got to love that sense of humor!

Had the lights been on, show goers would have been treated to a bunch a frogs just like this one, only with a varying range of patinas.

It's about 4" long, which fills my hand quite nicely. A tennis ball is nearly 3 inches across, so if you had something squishy about the size of a tennis ball, and squished it so it went a bit longer and thinner, that would be about right size wise.

All I  need now is a pond to put him by...
I suppose the tub will have to do.
He can sit under one of Meridee's plants.
Basking Frog - Front 3 quarter - Bronze 4" - Steve Worthington

Basking Frog - Rear 3 quarter - Bronze 4" - Steve Worthington

Basking Frog - Back View - Bronze 4" - Steve Worthington

Basking Frog - Front - Bronze 4" - Steve Worthington

Basking Frog - Side - Bronze 4" - Steve Worthington

Basking Frog - with soda for scale - Bronze 4" - Steve Worthington  

Besides that, my artist grid cards on Kickstarter are going great, and have only 7 days to go!

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

These armatures look like a lot of fun

I found a project which ends in a couple of days on Kickstarter for a whole bunch of different armatures.
The joints work great. The only thing it can't do that I've noticed is pull the shoulders back and push them forwards, but besides that they look terrific.

Certainly good enough for me to pledge for a bunch.

If you like them you'll have to be quick though. I only noticed them yesterday and their time is almost over!


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Artist grid cards off to a flying start!

Wallet residing grid cards for artists and film makers -- Kicktraq Mini
There's a website that provides a fun bunch of charts to track your Kickstarter project, so I'm pasting one here...That was easy!
Thanks to my wonderful backers I'm funded which is fantastic. Usually projects start out strong, coast for a couple or three weeks, then have a bit of a flurry at the end.
With this handy chart installed, I can keep an eye on things...

Thanks again backers, you are the best!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Artist's grid cards on Kickstarter for better drawing, and composition for painting, and shooting video.

Kickstarter project #6 I think...
Hello again,
I came up with these cards that fit in your wallet.
The drawing ones are based on an old established method for quickly analyzing and measuring your subject in a deceptively simple way.

The painting ones will help with composition and are especially good for finding 'ready made' paintings from the available scenery while outside.

To find out more including how I came up with them, and to see them in action,  simply go HERE.

There's a video as well as my written description (with pics, of course!).

That link was to Kickstarter, where you can also find them by searching 'artist grid cards'.


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Monday, May 13, 2013

Bottle Opening Turtles: a Win-Win on Kickstarter...

A special pre-order price, and up front funding.

Yep, win-win is my favorite kind of win!

Many thanks to all my backers and anyone who helped spread the word.

Thanks to you all my James Bond-esque (sort of!) stealthy gadget laden bronze turtles were a hit!

This Kickstarter project is over now (except for the casting and fulfilling of orders part), but if you'd like to get a heads-up on the next one, please feel free to shoot me an email and I'll sign you up for updates...

The turtles will of course be available through some galleries and on my Etsy store around July.

If you are also in Santa Fe, Manitou Galleries is the place to go.

My Bronze Turtle Beer Bottle Openers - Athos, Porthos and Aramis up on Kickstarter

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

My New Bronze Turtle Bottle Openers on Kickstarter

Steve Worthington's Bronze Turtle Bottle Openers for pre-order until May 11 2013 on Kickstarter

I have launched another Kickstarter project.
I like to put new pieces up for pre-order on Kickstarter at a special once only price.
It's good for me (takes care of up-front casting costs) and it's good for you (if you like my handiwork and want to take advantage of a special price, and get yours first).

My thanks to the plenty of fine folks who have helped me out with early pre-order purchases of my other Kickstarter sculpture projects, for which I am most grateful.

Click HERE to see the latest, featuring bottle opening versions of Athos, Porthos and Aramis.
There's a video demo and some pics to check out.


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Monday, February 11, 2013

New bronze plaque up for pre-order on Kickstarter

Hello, it's me again.

Nope, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth just yet, but I have launched a quick 7 day only project on Kickstarter (click HERE) to hopefully pre-sell some of my chicken and mouse plaques at a special early bird (of the chicken variety) price.

Dare I say 'going cheep'?

Now the plaque has a new quote in place of the original custom poem.

'Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies' Aristotle

'Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies' Aristotle's quote on a paper overlay on Steve Worthington's chicken and mouse bronze friendship bas relief plaque, approx 8" x 10"
The Kickstarter project page, which has a quick video and beneath that a re-telling of the story behind the plaque, is HERE. 

If you like it and you'd like one, now would be the best time to snap one up!

Either way, thanks again for looking of course!

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