Saturday, January 23, 2010

Record breaking Sir Ranulph Sprightly Mouse arrives in Antarctica!

According to the How Stuff Works website...

'Nearly 40% of mammal species are rodents, and they are found on every continent except Antarctica.'

Now I can add 'UNTIL NOW!'

Yes, that's right, in one small step for a rodent, but one giant leap for rodent-kind, Sir Ranulph Sprightly Mouse has set foot on Antarctica as part of his epic journey to be the only rodent ever to reach the South Pole!
He's already the only rodent ever to reach Antarctica (as far as I know), so that means he's a record breaker!

It's summer there now, so it won't get dark for months.
That doesn't mean the people that work there can run around in shorts and t-shirts to work on their tans.

There are numerous 'stations' on the continent of Antarctica, although I have no clue what people do there. Perhaps I should find out for a future post.

Here's a map to show where exactly Sprightly is (McMurdo).
Click on the map to visit the website I swiped it from.

Here's Sir Ranulph reporting on his saga...

'I was greeted by a splendid fellow by the name of Trevor. He's been very hospitable. Here I am heading in for my long awaited nice cup of tea since it has been quite a while since I left my home.'

'I forgot to bring any money, so I have to hunt for nibbles to go with my tea.
It's a bountiful place to find food, after all there's literally no competition!'

'I'll set off later for the South Pole itself!'

Stay tuned...

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