Sunday, November 16, 2008


Time for a new post, and this time I'm going to GIVE AWAY a Sprightly mouse in my first ever competition. He sells for $250 in numerous galleries and on my website.
If you email in the winning photo by January 15, 2009 you will get a FREE solid bronze Sprightly mouse mailed to you, I'll even pick up the shipping so it's totally FREE to you.

Q. OK, who can enter?
A. Anyone, any age, anywhere - get the whole family involved!

Q. How?
A. It's EASY.
Since Sprightly has turned out to be a bit of a crowd pleaser, here's how you enter.
Just take a picture of as many people as you can get to hold up SPRIGHTLY WANTED posters all at once.
One poster per person, and as many people in the photo as you can get.
Here's how you get your posters...Save to your computer then print out the WANTED poster of Sprightly and photocopy it to fit nice and big on a letter size sheet of paper (you mustn't cut off any of the words).
Make more photocopies and get your bunch of people to hold them up (ONE copy only must be held up by each person).

I will disqualify anything that looks fishy (I'm pretty photoshop savvy, so don't cheat!).
If you say there are ten people in the picture (no image manipulation allowed), I need to be able to see them all, and that they are holding up ONE copy of the picture each.
The WINNER will be the person who sends the picture which shows the most people participating as described. So if someone else sends a pic with eleven people holding up the posters, your ten won't cut it!
Also, I won't post any results until the contest is over, so no one else will know what number they have to beat!
You can enter more than once. Let's say you find yourself surrounded by more willing participants at New Year than you had in your entry picture from Thanksgiving. Just re-enter!
So you might as well have a go ASAP, in case you forget later. You've got nothing to lose!

Send an email to me from the CONTACT PAGE of my website, subject header 'Sprightly mouse contest # people'.
Replace '#' in the subject line with the number of people who were holding up the picture of Sprightly when the photo was taken.

For instance, 'Sprightly mouse contest, 11 people'.

Don't try and attach your picture yet, because you can't.
I'll reply to you with my direct email address so you can then attach your picture when you reply back to that.
You mustn't mind if I use your entry picture on my website or blog (so you should make sure everyone in the pic knows that too).
Remember I won't post anything until after Jan 15, the closing date of the contest. Your photo with only three participants might end up the winner, who knows?

In the event of a draw I will use a coin toss to determine the winner.
Since it's my mouse and my contest, my decision is final.
Anyone I disqualify for a seemingly 'fishy' looking entry (any kind of doctored photo, not using real live people to hold up the pictures, etc/whatever) won't be allowed to protest. I'm the judge and jury on this one, so there! My decision is final!
So, get stuck in!