Friday, September 19, 2008

Small Sumo Toads bronze

Here's the all singing and all dancing small Sumo Toads (12.5"tall) for your viewing pleasure.
Big ones (24"tall) are still at the foundry.
They are total monsters compared to these little guys.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sumo Wrestling Toads

Voila! The large version of my Sumo Toads, which is currently at the foundry, so what you're seeing here is the clay.The smaller ones are half as tall, which makes them very much smaller volume-wise.
You wouldn't be nearly so shocked to come across them in the undergrowth as these guys.
I will have pictures of the small ones all patinated and what-have-you soon.
Since this pair of big boys wouldn't fit through the front door I had a fun time getting them out through the patio doors and then over a wall to the waiting SUV (luckily there were extra pairs of hands helping out).
I think these would look good combined with some kind of water feature in a garden.
Lots more pics of other sculptures at