The Mouse Project

What's a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN for 22 artists, you, me and a bunch of homeless animals in shelters?

The Mouse Project.

I never planned to call it that, people just started saying it.
And so it stuck.

In a nutshell, it's a book made up of 47 paintings, by 22 artists, each painting featuring one or more of my bronze mice, to benefit animal shelters.

The mice in question are Sprightly, Nosey and Chubby: Three of the many bronze critters I've made.
They've developed lives of their own, traveling across America, to Antarctica, Australia and populating plenty of places in between.

My mice have even starred in their very own spoof documentary snippet, which you can see if you click the pic of Chubby below.


Not wanting the fun to end there, I decided to see if the best painters I could find online might be coaxed into painting them so I could curate a book and donate the profits to animal shelters.
I thought I'd start by asking only the best, not really sure what kind of response to expect.

To my utter delight and disbelief the answers came back with a resounding 'YES'!

Top notch painter after top notch painter wanted in.
So I dispatched a small army of mice (on their best behavior) to get their portraits painted!
A PDF and a book are the end result.

There are over 60 high resolution images of 47 original paintings by 22 painters in the actual book.
Hopefully it will sell like hot cakes and make a bunch of money for animal shelters.

In the free PDF you’ll only find 22 lower resolution images (one per painter).

On this page and in the PDF there are links for you to be transported to their websites or blogs.

That’s why, in the real book, I recommend downloading the PDF as a companion. So you can treat yourself by visiting their web pages one click at a time.

Should you go to (I'll activate that link as soon as it's available-very soon) and then buy the real book, congratulations - and thanks! You're in for a treat, and you’ll be helping an animal shelter.

I really can't express my gratitude to everyone involved enough. They went all out, as you can see. Way beyond what I expected.

Here are the images in the PDF...

Karen Appleton

Chris Beck

Paul Coventry-Brown

Bill Cramer

Jelaine Faunce

R. Garriott

Claudia Hammer

Jeffrey Hayes

K. Henderson

Diane Hoeptner

James Neil Hollingsworth

Martha Kellar

Meridee Mandio

Carol Marine

Michael Naples

Craig Nelson

Jennifer O'Cualain

John Poon

Roseta Santiago

Dreama Tolle Perry

Lynne Windsor

Steve Worthington

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Here's how it looks out of the box...

If you’d like a solid bronze Chubby, Nosey or Sprightly of your own, all the prices are on my website (click HERE), or email me (click HERE) to find out about availability.
I donate one of these bronzes for every five sold. The donations go to art auctions that benefit animal shelters (up to 25 mice given away per year).

And feel free of course to share the PDF with your friends!