Wednesday, September 3, 2014

World domination is fast approaching...

These mice will stop at  nothing to achieve their nefarious goal:
They are hell bent on world domination and must populate every continent on earth!

I just sent two Nosey mice off to Brazil and Australia, and it got me wondering, 'how far and wide have they spread so far?'
I have personally sent them to every continent except Africa, which doesn't of course mean they don't also live there, since they have other ways of getting around besides relying on me.

Here's a post of Sir Ranulph Sprightly Mouse arriving in Antarctica.

Here's Ralph Sprightly in Australia.

Perhaps it's time one of them went on an African Safari, or a trip up the Nile or something?

Nevertheless, they are progressing quite nicely on their mission to take over the world...

The box turtles are also more than holding their own, turning in a stellar performance over on Kickstarter...
Here is a mini chart showing their progress...THANKS BACKERS, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

Bronze box turtles. Or are they tortoises? -- Kicktraq Mini

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