Sunday, May 29, 2011

Everything you need to know about 'The Philosophy of Art' in one sentence...

Actions speak louder than words.

In the case of Sir Frank Brangwyn's take on the philosophy of art, I'd say actions add enormous weight to his words.

And those words are...

'There is no philosophy of art other than the doing well of a given job for a given purpose.'
Sir Frank Brangwyn, R.A.

So there you have it, and here's an extremely brief smattering of a hint of some of the enormous amount of truly great work he put out in his lifetime.
His unbelievable output (in terms of both quality and volume) includes murals, etchings, water colors, oils, drawings, book plates, posters for railroads and war bonds and a whole host of other things...

If you like these images, you'll LOVE a trip to THIS WEBSITE...


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Friday, May 20, 2011

Would you like a Chubby Mouse fridge magnet?

'I love your food' Chubby mouse fridge magnet

Seeing that Globspot has just got 100 followers, and my facebook mouse page has just over that many likes, I'm in a rather good mood and would like to say 'Thanks'!

If you'd like a Chubby Mouse fridge magnet (whether or not you have signed up for my facebook mouse page or follow my blog) shoot me an email. 

You can find my email on my profile, or HERE on the contact page of my regular website.

They are about the size of a business card, and I just got quite a pile of them.
And if I run out I'll mention that here.

Include the word 'magnet' in the subject line, and of course where you'd like it sent in the email itself and I'll pop one in the mail for you.
Free, of course.


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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Show announcements...

Just me tooting my horn for a few show announcements in this post...
'Crossing Over' will be part of the Society of Animal Artists 51st annual show...
My smaller sumo toads have been selected (I'm pleased as Punch and proud to say) for the Western Visions 'Miniatures and More' show in Jackson, WY at the National Museum of Wildlife Art.

'Crossing Over' has been selected for the Society of Animal Artists 51st annual show.
They're both around September time.

I had to write an artist's statement on Crossing Over for the Society of Animal Artists show, so here it is, sandwiched between the next two pics....

Life is a journey.
As much for mice as for us.

Sadly for mice, they usually end up as a tasty snack.
Happily for us, we're more likely to glide up to the other shore in our old age.

Either way life is fleeting.
Might as well enjoy the ride.

I'm also honored to be a part of the Albuquerque Museum's Miniatures and More show, which is closer to the end of the year.

Table top sized 'Sumo Wrestling Toads' will be at Western Visions, Miniatures and More, at the National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson, WY


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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Working on the move with my (not so shiny) new Treadmill Desk (which I made myself) !

So I  Googled 'news' and found this great article online called 'Is sitting a lethal activity?'

And it spurred me to take immediate action since it's now May, and my contest finish line to give away a mouse to whoever guessed my weight the closest on July 1 is fast approaching.

And I haven't lost an ounce (yet - there's still time!).

About the article...

Basically some doctor scientist boffin type by the name of Dr. James Levine developed some undies that constantly detect any physical movement.

Then, I suppose, he thought of a really good use for them....

A number of people as test subjects were fed an exact amount of calories every day.
Their weight was stable.
Then the calories were increased (by a thousand a day if memory serves).

They weren't allowed to exercise.
Some started gaining weight, while others didn't.

An examination of the data collected from the undies showed the ones that didn't gain weight were subconsciously adding fidgety movements into their daily routine to burn off the excess calories, while the others (who gained weight) didn't move any more than usual.

Then it mentioned something he came up with: A new phenomenon called 'Treadmill Desks'.

So I just made one (I'm plodding along at 1mph as I write this).

I wonder if I might have a tendency to do the opposite of the fidgety people:
Perhaps, with a calorie deficit formed by exercise, I'll eat pillows in my sleep.
Or perhaps Meridee will wake up missing an arm?

But I hope not!

Here's how I made my treadmill desk...

I built a dimensionally accurate (although very simplified) version of our treadmill in SketchUp, along with my proposed design for a desk and shelf.

my simplified rendering of my treadmill and envisioned desk - the computer and accessories were swiped from Google's 3D Warehouse.

Then I got all carried away and decided to add my drawing/computing room too...
Just to see  how it would look in situ...(much neater than in reality, as you will see)...

The 3D person needs a bit more belly, but he came that way (from the 3D Warehouse) so I'll use him as inspiration...

We've had this treadmill for years and, of course, never used it.
I've tried to give it away twice.

Now I'm glad I had no takers.

I bought my supplies from Lowes...

Treadmill Desk supplies

I got busy with a drill, saw, and screwdriver.
Can you spot the deliberate mistake?

Checking it out in the living room...

Getting the treadmill through my door (which I had to take off) was the hardest part.
I had to fold up the belt, lay it on its side, and using carpet sliders, jiggle it about until I got it through the door.

Then came the woodwork assembly...

Here's the deliberate mistake

Oops...won't be able to shut the door when I put it back on!

A bit more work with the screwdriver and....

That fits much better!

I used a lot of non-slip rubbery stuff between the desk layers to reduce vibrations to my computer.
rubbery 'shock absorbers' on the treadmill hand rests, on which the desk top is placed

Now as I either work (or waste far too much time - whichever fits the bill) on my computer at least I'm losing a bit of lard (I hope!).

Ta-Daaa....Me hard at work on my completed treadmill desk with Sprightly mouse along for the ride...

Now I need to go and have a sit down!

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