Sunday, January 31, 2010

Animal sketches made for sculptures

Bit of a quick post this week.
Just a handful of animal scribbles I've made at various times for working from:
mainly bits and pieces that caught my attention I didn't want to forget.

I got a bunch of spectacular pics of Sprightly in Antarctica this last week, so I'll be posting them soon.
I don't think the mice need any introduction.
This was my old room-mate's puppy, Kahlua the chocolate lab. I almost became a sculptor when I got stuck into making a model of him out of Sculpey probably back in 1998, but it got broken and I never finished it.
It would be several years later before I got my hands on some clay and the sculpting bug finally got a hold of me!
This is my tree frog. I've got a few more ideas to do with tree frogs right now.
These are some macaque expressions and hairstyle studies I made for my monkey/turtle discus thrower.
Grumpy old toads.

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