Friday, December 11, 2009

Sir Ranulph Sprightly Mouse leaves on his epic Antarctic journey to reach the South Pole!

Above: Sir Ranulph, just prior to leaving Santa Fe, Wednesday.

Inspired by Ralph Sprightly's visits to the Australian continent, his uncle, Sir Ranulph Twizzle-Stick-Wicker-Basket Sprightly Mouse, has embarked upon an epic journey to become the only mouse to venture to the South Pole.

"Mice have colonized every continent on earth, except Antarctica..." explained Sir Ranulph, "so I will be accomplishing not just a great feat for myself personally, but something deeply significant for all of rodent-kind."

Above: Artist's impression of Sir Ranulph's epic journey.
"I've been practicing standing on snow and ice for extended periods, and sleeping with the light on" said Sir Ranulph, when asked about his rigorous training regimen.

Ranulph Sprightly Mouse left Santa Fe on Wednesday, and his first stop will be McMurdo Station on Antarctica, where he will have a nice cup of tea and perhaps some biscuits, before hopefully getting his photo taken a few times and then heading off to the Southern-most tip of the planet where it won't get dark for months.

Despite the constant sunshine, it will be quite cold.

When asked about his Uncle's attempt upon the South Pole, antipodean adventurer Ralph Sprightly said "I'm rootin' for ya, unc. There's a cold one waitin' for ya at my place when you get back!'

Stay tuned for Sir Ranulph's updates!

Above: Nephew Ralph Sprightly Mouse looks at Australia's pride and joy, the Sydney Opera House.

Next: Sprightly arrives in Antarctica!

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