Sunday, April 25, 2010

Art book featuring top artists (and my mice!) currently in the works, profits to benefit animal shelters.

 'The Big Cheese' by Roseta Santiago

I'm running a project of my own design (click HERE for posts relating to it).

It's purposes are:

1) to raise money to benefit animals in shelters,
2) be fun,
3) create something of lasting value,
4) showcase some great work by all the participants.

'Chubby reflected' by Carol Marine

When I started I pictured a book full of diverse painting styles by the best artists I could round up.
I had no idea if I could round up anyone, but to my surprise the response was overwhelmingly positive and generous.

'Mouse Crackers' by James Neil Hollingsworth

Plenty of the folks involved have extremely packed schedules, painting for shows and what have you, but none the less they've been enthusiastic to help out.
For which I am extremely grateful.

 'Mother Lode' by Jelaine Faunce

Once everyone has finished their paintings I will assemble then into a book which will most likely be available through an online publisher to be announced when it's ready.

Profits will benefit animal shelters, something my bronze mice are already dedicated to doing.

 'The Lookout' by Diane Hoeptner

So what you're seeing here is a showing of the finished pieces so far.
About a third of the final count.
Others are still in the works, or soon to be painted.

 Untitled Sprightly mouse by John Poon

I'd like to thank everyone involved once again.
I'm sure if you haven't visited their websites already, you'll love their work when you do.
Click on their names under the pictures to get there.

There's lots more great stuff coming, so I'll update my blog with progress reports as more paintings get finished.

 'Nosing Around' by Michael Naples

Besides that, it seems the mouse we caught in the car and re-located a couple of miles away was acting solo, since there's no more tubes of paint missing or little 'dotted lines' revealing where others might have been!

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L.Holm said...

These are all so great! Wonderful project. :-D

Carol Schiff Daily Painting said...

Oh, great fun! Keep me in mind if you do something similar again!

Linda Popple said...

This is a great project! I love all these paintings and your little mouse sculptures! My 8 year old granddaughter loves animals. For the last 3 years she has asked that no presents be given to her on her birthday. Instead she asks for a donation to the local animal shelter. I'm very proud of her! She will love this book when all is finished - me, too!

r garriott said...

Wonderful idea and outstanding artworks. Your sculpture is clearly inspirational! I'm with Carol; I'd love a chance to try out your challenge.

Gary Keimig said...

great work. great concepts what a great idea.