Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wrestling toads on the road

My sumo wrestling toads are doing a bit of sightseeing on Park Ave in NYC in the Atrium Bldg.
A friend in NY was nice enough to take some pics, as you can see if you have sharp eyes, she saw them being admired by Tony Soprano. Maybe they look like some of his acquaintances.
Here's various other views.

The exhibition is the 76th annual by the National Sculpture Society at the organization’s headquarters in the Park Avenue Atrium at 237 Park Avenue/466 Lexington Avenue, in midtown Manhattan. Opening on Monday, February 16, the juried show features the figurative works of 41 members. At the conclusion of the show in New York City, the exhibition will travel to Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina where it will be on display from June 27 through August 23.

Thanks Diane for taking the pics, she does beautiful flower photos which you can see at


Deborah Paris said...

Wow! they look fantastic!

Unknown said...

Great work! I'm absolutely impaired when it comes to spatial design or anything involving my hands. A friend of mine did some work for designing Nike stuff in Shanghai and is now back in Brooklyn. My uncle has taught high school art for years and has had some beautiful nature paintings on display. Naturally, he didn't receive much in return. My parents have a few paintings of his that portray the exactness of my grandparents' farm in Nebraska. My better half has a richer knowledge of art history.

Anyone who has a unique perspective of the world around him or her has my respect. I become jaded from time to time with crafting words, but writing has been my creative outlet. It's given me external rewards and disappointments.

Jo Raines said...

Wow, what wonderful sculpts! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment about Kerr's beautiful scale miniature animals. You do fantastic work.


Robert said...

Great Toads, most enjoyable! Thanks for visiting! I like the mouse too.