Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Guess my weight and win a mouse contest results...

It seems I'm still immune to shame.
Or perhaps I stubbornly refuse to be shamed into anything, even when it's me doing the shaming, and it's for my own good!

So after 6 months my weight loss is a few measly pounds, and so the winner is TX Cupcake, who also won the first time, but never got around to claiming their prize!
So as per the rules, after one month it went to the next closest guess.

TX Cupcake, since your entry came in the form of a comment, and you have no contact info on your profile, it's up to you to get in touch by the end of the July (I'll give you 'till Aug 5th since it's the 5th now)!

This time, if TX Cupcake doesn't claim their prize of a mouse by Aug 5th (from Sprightly, Nosey or Chubby) the next closest will win again (in this case Bob Coady who optimistically assumed - via email - I might lose a staggering 9 lbs in 6 months, which I didn't!)

Now for my tasty breakfast of hippo burgers and elephant pie chasers, all washed down with bath tub of whale's milk while I plot a more effective plan to dump some lard...


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Teri said...

Hi Steve. Have you ever heard of Diet Evolution? Dr. Steven Gundry, MD is the author. My husband and i are on it and it seems like it is working...we are not hungry and it isn't a ton of prep like the South Beach program. We are in our first two weeks which doesn't allow fruit, which is hard in the summer, but we are sticking to it. I am also a Personal Fitness Trainer and really enjoy eating healthy. It just makes you feel so much better. Hope you can lose your weight! Good luck!

Steve sculpts critters said...

Hello Teri, 'but we are sticking to it' I think is the most important half dozen words you said there!
I've had luck on the Zone in the past.
My weight has been up to 240 over a decade ago, and down to 175 half a decade ago.
When I stick to it, it works. When I try to kind of sort of do it part time, surprise surprise, no joy!
Good luck with yours, one of these years when I feel motivated enough I'm sure I'll get serious again.
If not before I die, then most certainly after!

AfromOnt said...

Hi I forgot to enter your weight guess but I check your blog from time to time-just wondering if could ask yourself why you want to have this extra poundage? why do you need it? Are you using it as a protective layer against something?I feel until you figure out your weight "issues" you won't be losing any-because you still need this weight-it serves a purpose-maybe from your past-check in with yourself maybe those reasons aren't relevant anymore.just a thought....