Friday, July 29, 2011

Dangerous liasons, and my big news...

Naughty Rumpy and Pumpy mice rudely invading a Dan Ostermiller bronze...

I was dropping off some mice for this years Barkin' Ball at the Humane Society to benefit Santa Fe's animal shelter when I noticed a splendid sculpture by Dan Ostermiller...

I couldn't help myself: I just had to put Rumpy and Pumpy mice in there since the piece seemed to be made specially for them!

Rumpy and Pumpy mice

I wondered if I just left them there: would anyone think to move them, or just assume they were welded in place?!

I've had fun photographing Nosey mouse playing on Dan's famous bears before, which you can see if you click HERE.

Two other people's work that grabbed forcefully for my attention when we moved to Santa Fe were bronzes by Sisko, and Louise Peterson.
That was nearly six years ago.
Seeing all three of those represented around town gave me the kick up the pants I needed to get serious about sculpting.

I was struck by their obvious love of and respect for nature, and the elegant and restrained degree with which they stylized their designs.

My BIG news!

And now for my BIG NEWS which I'm exceedingly puffed up about right about now, just having got back from the mail box and all...

I have a letter informing me that I've been elected as a sculptor member to the National Sculpture Society!

From their website...'In 1893, our founding members, including Daniel Chester French, Augustus St. Gaudens, Stanford White and J.Q.A. Ward, established the Society to "spread the knowledge of good sculpture." Today, NSS continues to support sculpture as an active, vital, not-for-profit 501(c) 3 organization.'

Up 'till now I've been an associate member, which allows me to enter their annual shows, get the magazine and what have you.

But Elected Members are sculptors whose work is juried and voted on by other elected sculptor members and the NSS Board of Directors.

I imagine every artist relishes being recognized by their peers; not only that, but now I can officially put NSS after my name if I'm feeling flash!

Dan Ostermiller is currently president of the NSS (and not for the first time).
I hope he doesn't mind my little mice playing on his sculpture, otherwise I could find myself banned even before my certificate and pin arrive in the mail!

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Deborah Paris said...

Congratulations Steve! That's wonderful and well deserved. Glad we were there at the beginning (that first bunny).

Steve sculpts critters said...

That's right, you both passed your seal of approval on my very first sculpture to be cast in bronze!

sandy said...

I LOVE your sculptures and just finished viewing all the mice in the "project"...wonderful idea and art...

Steve sculpts critters said...

Thanks Sandy!
My next few posts will feature some fun upcoming additions to my mouse series...

Chris Beck said...

Congrats on the NSS news!! Your work is so wonderful, I'm not at all surprised that you're getting this recognition!!

tamsen meyer said...

An honor you surely deserve. Your sculptures make a lot of us VERY HAPPY! Your new heavenly mice are Wonderful. Please return to Loveland ASAP ( but I'm glad you both got a much needed break. Hope it was wonderful!)
Tamsen Meyer

Steve sculpts critters said...

Thanks Chris and Tamsen,
It really means a lot to me to hear from you that my efforts are enjoyed and appreciated!