Saturday, July 23, 2011

Frog fetish anyone?...(or: All work and no play makes Steve a dull boy!)

I've always liked lively sketchy drawings, so I thought I'd try some really quick sketchy frogs in clay.
I made a few, probably spending no more than a minute on each one.
Just the absolute bare bones minimum number of squishes into the clay to convey froggyness.
They got briefer as I went.

This one is my favorite, so I've now it molded and I've got some waxes with the sprues still in place.
They'll be cast in bronze, the sprues cut off, then the bottoms flattened nicely before the patina is applied.

This one struggles under the weight of a penny

I noticed they look a bit like Native American fetishes carved from stones, but with intensely staring eyes.
This Santa Fe living must be rubbing off on me at least a bit.

All work and no play makes Steve a dull boy!

Those baby swallows are flying all day now, but still come back to roost in extremely cramped quarters in their tiny mud nest!

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Caroline Savva Art said...

I love these! Though my nickname is 'Froggy' so perhaps I'm biased ;o) They remind me of Henri Gaudier Brzeska's work, his Hieratic Head of Ezra Pound, his Bird Swallowing Fish and the small hand held sculptures or conversation pieces he made.

Steve sculpts critters said...

Thanks Caroline, wow, that guy must have one of the artiest sounding names I've ever heard!
And I'm glad you like my frog!