Monday, July 11, 2011

All mice go to heaven...

Everything eats mice.
They have their place in the food chain, which sadly for them is right at the bottom, so every day they quietly make the ultimate sacrifice.
And yet no monument honors them...

...I recently tried out a silver patina for a change which gave my mice a heavenly look.
It would seem the perfect icing for my new mouse cake.
A mouse cake with wings.

Meet winged Pugnacious.
Or angel pug if you prefer...

Angel Pug is my tribute to the bazillions of mice who've died, and will continue to die, so other creatures might live.

Here he is in wax and clay for  now.

Before long he'll be crash landing on my table with a loud clang since he'll be solid bronze with a silver patina.
Then he'll be followed by others, like Angel Chubby, and Winged Sprightly who are waiting in the wings even now (groan!).

I like Angel Pug.
He sort of reminds me of old Ray Harryhausen movies, or those monkeys in 'The wizard of Oz'.

Speaking of wings, we've got some fat baby swallows with giant mouths outside our front door.
One at least has started to fly already.


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