Sunday, April 29, 2012

Austerity measures are working...

Weight plummets since installing austerity fridge
Austerity measures might not be working out so well for my chums back home: The UK has just posted its second consecutive quarter of negative growth, and is now officially in a second recession.

But since I installed my austerity fridge in January, I've been happily experiencing just the kind of negative growth I was hoping for, as the graph clearly shows!
My fridge is so austere, it doesn't even have a light (which makes night-time snacking positively dangerous).

This is probably of zero interest to all who didn't enter my contest to win a bronze Winged Angel Mouse by guessing my weight as it will be on Aug 1 2012 (it's too late to enter now).

Meridee of course must feign interest at least once a week!

If I continue on my current trajectory, the winning guess will be closest to around 190 lbs, but there's 3 months to go yet, so anything could happen!

Not much for anyone in my austerity fridge...
Meridee was amused when she came home the other day at the sight of me reworking some waxes to improve efficiency in the casting of my swimming turtles sculpture.

So she took a photo:

Me and future me

The skeleton happened to be there for some other project I've been working on, although it is a rather graphic reminder of how far I am from my goal!

Actually my feeds are not quite as severe as the photo of the austerity fridge suggests.

For example, there's cheese hidden behind the egg beaters and hot sauce, and plenty of fruit and nuts strewn about the kitchen counters.
And I just happened to have run out of cottage cheese, so my eating habits are really quite decadent in comparison.

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Nancy said...

Ha! I thought you were just feasting on eggs and Sriracha with a wine chaser for your weight loss diet! UGH. And I like that both you and your 'buddy' have the same posture at the table. LOL