Monday, September 20, 2010

Miracle of the bottletop Virgin Mary of butter...Bottoms up! (the miraculous bottle's topless, but the Madonna isn't!)

So Meridee and I were just in Taos sharing a croissant and cup of coffee.
Taos is full of churches and religious icons everywhere you look.
I always supposed people had made them all, but now I wonder...

I scraped the butter off my knife into a bottle cap, and squeezed it so I could pop it in the top of the bottle.
I looked away for a moment, and Meridee came over all pale and ashen looking.
Imagine my surprise when LO, the Virgin Mary herself was miraculously standing there before us, balanced on the top of the empty bottle!

A feeling of great calm spread over me as I snapped a pic of the miracle on my parrot.

We're home now, and I'm still feeling quite calm.

Unlike these guys...

This other pic will make sense to anyone who is in Grand Rapids, MI over the next couple of weeks...

 It's ArtPrize time of course, starting Wednesday.

Here's how my turtles swimming finished up, I'll post more 'making of' pics next time...

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r garriott said...

Better call Guinness! (The record book people, not the beer company..on second thought...!)

Oh, and word up to the Vatican!

r garriott said...

Me again-- Your swimming turtles are so cool! Is that really water, or is it clear resin?

Steve sculpts critters said...

Can the Guiness people confer sainthood? (either the record book people OR the beer people, I'm not fussy!)
Regarding the turtles, it's clear resin, looks like water but sets up very hard and resilient.
You have to mix it just right and sort of 'cook' it while it sets.
Glad you like the swimmers! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love turtles!! This is really cool. Sculpture always amazes me, you need to be really talented to do it. I tried it once in grade 8, we used that old laundry soap bars...I ended up with nothing but soap shavings lol!!!

Love your work!