Sunday, April 8, 2012

Just-for-fun d-CON billboard designs using my bronze mice...

Just-for-fun billboard idea for d-CON using my bronze mice

Lee and I have often quipped how great my angel mice would be for d-CON ads, so I put my art director's hat on and came up with a few pretend billboards just for the fun of it!

 Afer all those years spent drawing up other people's ideas, sometimes it's fun to do some just for myself!

I wonder what d-CON would think of them?!

Personally, when I trap mice, I prefer to catch them alive and re-locate them all in one piece.

Another just-for-fun billboard idea for d-CON starring my bronze mice
More of my heavenly angel mice feature in this just-for-fun d-CON billboard idea
Photographing them was fun, as was messing about with them in Photoshop afterwards.
So that's how I spent my Easter Sunday afternoon and into the evening!

Here's a 'making of' pic, and my one art director sketch after checking out a bunch of photo's without Winged Angel Sprightly standing on tippy toes (I had to bend his tail down to get him to do that).

Photographing a set up I only ended up using half of

My 'art director' sketch

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