Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sumo toads take their place in the sun...

Manitou Galleries second home in Santa Fe at 225 Canyon Road
Manitou is the gallery in Santa Fe that shows my work.

Recently they snagged a second location in a cul de sac at the bottom of Canyon Road which actually has a wonderful sculpture garden, so it seemed fitting to let my sumo toads out for a romp around in the sun.

Since they are so aggressive by nature, we transported them from the other gallery in separate crates so they wouldn't be able to fight on the way across town, but as soon as we opened the lids they hopped out across the gravel to wrestle over who gets ownership of the large chunk of rock they both decided was so desirable.

They're still at it even now.

They seem to like being out of doors.

If you live around Santa Fe the gallery is having its official opening on Friday June 24 from 5-8pm.
Hop on over and say 'hello'!

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Deborah Paris said...

They look very much at home! Where is this-at the bottom?

Steve sculpts critters said...

Thanks Deborah,
it's near the bottom.
Start at the bottom, go up a couple of dozen car lengths and on the left is the cul de sac with a bunch of galleries in it.
Manitou used to be Alterman, and is at the very end.