Saturday, June 4, 2011

Art is an animal.


This post was inspired by this link a Mr. David Purcell sent me (thanks for that David).

It's a great read, and I couldn't help myself but leave a comment.

My favorite comment is Robert Ulrich's suggestion for a t-shirt slogan.

Did you read it?

OK: Imagine you're having a conversation with some people about an animal.
Only you think the animal in question is an elephant.
And the next person thinks it's a snake.
And the next one a fish, and another person thinks it's a snail but you all think you're talking about the same thing...

'It wouldn't scare me if I woke up with it on my bed'
'Oh, I wouldn't fancy that much!'
'I'd have to rush out and get it a bowl of water'
'Wouldn't scare you? Bowl of water? You're all nuts, I'd be out of there in a shot to get my gun'
'That's a bit extreme'

That's why conversations about art so often go nowhere.
Everyone knows what real art is, but it's a different animal in every person's mind.

Pick ten things that make something art.
How would you arrange them if you had to put them on your fridge door in a certain order?
Most important first, least important last, to satisfy your idea of what makes something art.

Here's a few to pick from to get you started...

Clever. Funny. Understandable. Concept. Well known. Skill. Liveliness. Handmade. Popular. Shock value. Beauty. Message. Famous. Artist's reputation. Connecting emotionally with the viewer. Detail. Simplicity.  The story behind it. The esteemed critic's explanation of it. Uncompromising. Price. Market value. Virtuosity. Craftsmanship. Artistry. Made it look easy. Looks really hard. Inspired. Incomprehensible.

Or anything else I haven't thought of, if those options don't help you find your ten.

Then start a debate about the role of assistants in the making of art.

Or any debate about art, for that matter!
Like what is it?

Unless you're talking with a bunch of people with very similar looking fridge doors to yours, the passionate debate could be heading in a thousand different directions the minute it starts!


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