Saturday, June 28, 2008

Making 'Tiny mouse'

Tiny is the smallest mouse I have made at the time I write this post. I wanted to do a mouse balanced on a walnut and I really wanted to use a real walnut. But it was after Christmas and I couldn't find any unshelled walnuts anywhere. I was taking a walk through the snow with Meridee and as I bemoaned the lack of walnuts in the world, there laying in the snow was a walnut! I wasted no time getting going as soon as we got home.
I started first with a very rough clay sketch of my idea and took some pics of a mouse doing her thing...
I preferred the mouse with a lower head and more arched back after checking out my model's performance, so I went with that.
The real mouse got an extra piece of cheese for a job well done, and my finished bronze can be seen with many others on my website.


brett said...

I like your work.

Deborah Paris said...

Love seeing the process Steve. BTW, every time I opened my truck up in Telluride I had to explain why I had that big elk horn! Hope all is well with you and Meridee. See my recent post about the Albuquerque Museum show- I'm excited!