Thursday, June 5, 2008

'Bumper to bumper' turtle sculpture-work in progress 2

I got my waxes back from the foundry and with the cunning use of a griddle (in background of photo) to melt down my critters, and some clay to work on new necks, legs, tweak heads etc, I'll have a nice crew of semi submerged turtles to take back again.
Here it is a bit further along (notice the front one has no legs yet).

Once finished and at the foundry they'll each be molded, from which new waxes will be pulled to be invested in ceramic shell, and then the waxes will be replaced with bronze.
If the foundry takes any pics of the progress I'll post 'em right here.
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Jo said...

I find it fascenating to see the progress as you create your critters.