Sunday, March 12, 2017

Quick pose life drawing

I decided to do some life drawing.

Meridee runs a quick pose class (no instruction, just do your own thing) and finally dragged me along. 1min 30 second poses, up to 3 minute poses for the most part for 3 hrs. Maybe a 4 or 5 minute pose at the end.

Quick pose takes some getting used to!

I did a fair bit of life drawing at college and for a few years after (like every chance I got). Usually 5 to 30 minute poses.

I always used to take my time figuring out the proportions, direction, volumes etc as I went. There's hardly time for that, you just put your pencil down and the timer goes off. NEXT POSE!

Here's some of my wrong headed approach (for quick poses) from those first tries. I could make a start with an attempt at a methodical approach, but that's all. I was just starting to enjoy myself, then time to move on. A bit like someone giving you a shove every time you just start to drop off to sleep.

For any feeling of accomplishment I needed a more direct and immediate approach...

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