Sunday, March 19, 2017

Frame friendly figures in pencil and watercolor

My splashing on the water color experiment got me thinking about doing something for my Etsy shop.
So I picked up a decent looking, but very cheap popular sized frame from Walmart (under $10) which had an 8" x 10" cardboard matt in it.
Then I got some 14" x 11" acid free mixed media paper, a bit thicker than my life drawing paper so it wouldn't wrinkle as much with the watercolor.
Then I re-drew (in terra cotta colored pencil, and also in graphite pencil) a few of my most recent figure drawings to go right behind the matt, snugly inside the frame, so it wouldn't need any re-positioning or trimming assuming someone had an 11" x 14" frame with an 8" x 10" matt. Actually, an 8" x 10" matt, for framing an 8" x 10" photo, is closer to 7.5" x 9.5"
A splash of water color and some photographing later, and now they're up on my Etsy shop.

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