Sunday, March 12, 2017

Quick pose life drawing third attempt

I feel like I am getting the hang of one to three minute poses with a colored pencil a bit more now.
It's quite interesting being so focused on a person so intensely for 3 hrs, in so many poses.
I was stretching a bit during breaks (20 mins drawing, 10 min breaks) and found myself looking at more nude figures in the wood grain of the floorboards without thinking about it.
Kind of like seeing shapes in clouds. Its seems to happen more when you are not really paying any attention to what you are looking at, and your mind is elsewhere.
Anyhow, my goal for future drawings I think is to try and get some cursory shading in along with a decisively drawn contour line drawing, if I can.
Here's my favorite 9 out of the 50 or so I drew (I'm not showing the real stinkers!)...


HBF said...

Looks great! Really like some of those exaggerated lines/angles you worked in... really illustrates the sass beyond the form

Steve sculpts critters said...

Thanks Hannah.
The 2 models I've drawn so far excel in the sass department, so it's not too difficult to notice it and seize upon it in the first few seconds. They really challenge themselves with their posing to the extent that they are sometimes shaking in the last 30 seconds of a pose. The problem I've noticed is that quite often, 20 seconds in, their body inevitably settles down so you are left with the decision of whether to lunge for the dynamism of the first few seconds with your pencil, or start on parts that are connected to the ground and wait a bit for the more settled down version of the pose.
Since you have to be moving your focus constantly, when your focus returns to an area that grabbed you a minute ago and now it's quite different, it can be a little disconcerting.
So do you rely on your first few strokes, or re-calibrate?
You certainly don't have much time to decide!
Drawing can be hard, but at least my muscles aren't shaking!