Friday, January 1, 2016

Jan 1 is...

No prizes for guessing what day it is today.
But a bit later today there will be a prize for the first correct response I get to a little contest I will announce.
It could be over in a nanosecond!
The prize will be one of my wall hanging bronze tree frogs that also opens beer bottles.
So if you like that idea, stay tuned!
I'll post it here and on my facebook artist page as simultaneously as I can, then also my personal facebook page.

I spent the last couple of weeks packing on some pounds so now I have a pretty bog-standard new year's resolution of dumping a bunch of weight.
My brother lost 100 lbs in 7 months in 2015!!
If I can get rid of 30 I'll be very happy with that (I'm 210 right now, or 15 stones in English money, while my baby bro, who is several inches taller than me, is around a whole stone less).

Last year's resolution was to do 4 kickstarter projects.
I did 3, so maybe this year I'll make getting 2 done a resolution.
And to make it to July 20 with the daily cartoons, so I'll have done a whole year.
I reckon I can do it, but not entirely sure I will!
Sometimes the brain just refuses to co-operate, other times it's raring to go.

Alrighty then, here's today's...
Whatever day whiteboard cartoon: Jan 1 is new year's day

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