Friday, January 1, 2016

Win a bronze tree frog bottle opener

My wall hanging bronze tree frog bottle opener

Competition time!
Open to all people who aren't related to me by either blood or marriage.

So I did one of my whiteboard cartoons for a special day that I saw existed on TV or somewhere.
I figured I'd look up its date after I drew it, and have that one in the bag.
But it turned out not to exist after all, so I had a scribble I couldn't use.
Except of course I can, if I make it a contest.

So it's been sitting idle ever since, but today is its big day!

All you have to do to enter is figure out what the special day would have been had it turned out to be an actual special day, and let me know. Not the date of course, just the name of the day.
The first correct reply I get wins my bronze wall hanging bottle opening tree frog.

You can leave a comment on my blogspot blog, facebook artist page or personal facebook thing, or send me an email directly or through my 'contact' page on my regular website, or phone me up, or knock on my front door, or whatever. Just so long as I can figure out what time you got in touch.

Well, here's the cartoon...
And good luck!


Catherine said...

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish Day?

HBF said...

Pretend to be a fish day?