Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sprightly is also becoming a winged mouse...

Winged Sprightly Mouse

I suspect all my mice will eventually sprout wings, but here's a wax version of Sprightly sporting a fine feathered set of wings.
Destined to be bronze with a silver patina when all's said and done.
Winged Sprightly Mouse again

At the time this was taken there was still a bit to do in the area where the wings meet the body, but it was nearly finished and gives a good idea how Sprightly will look as a winged mouse.
Winged Sprightly Mouse from behind

I went with semi-folded wings.

Would that be just  having landed, or about to take off...?

In the last few posts you can see Chubby and Pugnacious in their wingcarnations...

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