Saturday, August 13, 2011

My primitive frog 'Rocky' is finished...

Meet Rocky.
Since a pocket full of these would weigh you down like a bag of stones, Rocky is what I'm calling my bare essentials frog.
Rocky is all action. Perhaps not too well mannered, but chock full of personality and attitude!

Reckless and eager to break new ground (and windows), Rocky dreams of being launched from a slingshot, far off into space...

Actually Rocky kind of has a bit of an Aztec-esque feel.
I should sprinkle a few around some old ruins and see if they show up on the History Channel...!

Rocky, Rocky, Rocky and Rocky meet Penny

Rocky has a Lego like quality too.
I'm having fun piling them atop one another.
Ancient Aztec lego toys, that's what they are.

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Rainbow Painter said...

I would carry Rocky around in my pockets for sure! He's such a muse! Love the way your little friends can be stacked.

Steve sculpts critters said...

I think I'll also do a totem pole version of several stacked with some kind of little base...
...stay tuned!