Friday, October 3, 2008

My blog won an award! Brilliant!

Not just any old award, but one from a reader.
The Brillante weblog award!
Thanks Liz for my award, and now, in true reciprocal fashion and according to the rules, I name 7 more blogs I like to also receive this award (is this an award pyramid scheme?).
The rules are as follows:
You are allowed to display the Brillante Weblog Award on your blog - Link to the person you received your award from - Nominate at least seven other blogs - put links to those blogs on yours: Leave a message on the blogs of those you have nominated.
So here goes...
'I like drawing Z00 animals...90% elephants, 10% of the rest.'
Science blog
'Science news straight from the source'
'This is not a diary. This is an attempt to develop a philosophy of life.'
'Cartoons drawn on the back of business cards.'
Taught me a lot about drawing, and I love his painting too.
I am an artist- a landscape painter working in oil and pastel. I'll be posting small paintings for sale as well as showing work I am doing for shows and galleries.'
Wired Science blog
More sciency stuff. What could be more interesting than the world around us?

Unrelated, the Horseman's Haven truckstop style cafe near our house shares its parking with a Phillips 66 gas station (just park around the edges of the gas station basically).
Inside the eatery there is a sign stating that under no circumstances can you bring your firearms inside while you eat.
Outside I spotted a spent 9mm shell casing where we just parked.
That would be just feet away from the gas station.
Mmm. I'm picturing a wild west style shootout where the combatants are hiding behind either gas pumps or newspaper dispensers.


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

I don't think you can sell an award Steve. I wasn't aware of it either until Dreadnought awarded my blog a Brilliante Weblog Award. I was having a look at your elephant. That was some undertaking. The detail is incredible. I have a serious weakness for animals and like you I love to just sit and watch them. You learn a lot from observation.

Steve sculpts critters said...

The pyramid scheme was just one of my oddball observations, that's all!

Out in the sticks said...

You're as bad as I am Steve. I do the same thing myself. Don't worry I wasn't serious there. Serious and me aren't very good friends.

Take care
And you deserved that award. You have a brilliant blog

PS I'm posting from my other blog

Dennis said...

Steve, thank you for the Brilliant award. I wish that I could pass it on to 7 more, but I tend to read blogs either randomly chosen or ones that I totally disagree with. And I don't want to award either of those. (I know, that's completely contrary to what I wrote in my blog...)

Also, I am really impressed with your work, Steve. Keep on keeping on!