Friday, September 19, 2008

Small Sumo Toads bronze

Here's the all singing and all dancing small Sumo Toads (12.5"tall) for your viewing pleasure.
Big ones (24"tall) are still at the foundry.
They are total monsters compared to these little guys.


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Steve You have such a great blog I have given you a Brilliante Blog award for 2008. Just love your work
Please visit my blog to collect your award Liz

PS You commented one time on my Mad Bush Chronicles Blog well this other blog is my family one that the Mad Bush Farm Crew posts on. You also know me as Out in the Sticks. because of your comments I kept the Mad Bush Chronicles Going.

Thank you

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

On the frog side of things. The one pictured is an Australian Green Bell frog. Two types of species of the Bell frogs. This one is the dark green one then there is a lighter one known as the Golden Bell frog. I have more photos of both kinds. In Australia they are becoming endangered. A sad fact of Global warming or so the scientists say.
Thanks for your comments