Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Latest Kickstarter - Silver Ghosts - solid silver pendants and earrings

I've just launched another Kickstarter, the all or nothing crowd funding platform for getting creative projects realized with a little help from your friends!

This time it's my Silver Ghosts collection; solid silver wearable sculpture in the form of pendants and earrings.
Meridee's been sporting a couple around town and getting unsolicited compliments, so I hope that bodes well!

Some have a bit of a dia de los muertos vibe. Or day of the dead, if you prefer.

That's because four of the 10 designs reveal an etched skeleton on their flip sides.

Here is the project video which hopefully will run if you click on its play button.
If you like what you see (or if the video didn't play) hop on over to the project on Kickstarter for more info and rewards!

Oh, feel free to 'like' it when you get there (or whatever is your preferred 'sharing' method!). I'd appreciate that.

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