Tuesday, May 6, 2014

And in the blue corner...

The jousting toads pugilist event of the decade!


But do they ever pack a punch!

So Nimble Warts now has a worthy adversary in the Meat Grinder!

I'll probably fiddle around with them a bit more, but you can clearly get the general idea!
The 'heavy horse' is a common snapping turtle, with some generic big ol' toad on top.

Both pairs are currently in digital form only, but I'm determined to find a way to get them cast...

Jousting toads: The Meat Grinder meets his doppelganger
And here's a few pics of my meaty new creation devoid of any distractions...

High angle view of the Meat Grinder
Jousting Toad: The Meat Grinder
A new quest in my life is to find a way to get these beasts cast: Who wouldn't want a pair in a park near them?

Coming soon...some jewelry pieces I'm working on and will launch through Kickstarter...

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