Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Rolls Royce of shoe horns is rolling along, plus other tree frog and Kickstarter progress...

My epic shoe horns featuring either a snail or a tree frog are progressing nicely through the many stages that bronze casting demands.
The top of the shoe horns featuring the critter in question are being cast separately from the main portion. They are hollow to accommodate a screw head sticking from a wall for hanging after the back side is welded on with 'keyhole' cut into it.
The rest of the shoehorn will be welded to it and worked in metal before a final sandblast and patina to create the seamless whole.
Shoe horn - handle end

I took pics of some castings of my hollow wall mounted and solid paperweight tree frogs.
They mostly still need some metalwork done (small vent off the nose, flattening the bottom), before a final sandblast with glass beads for a silky smooth look and then the final patina application.

My Kickstarter project is only a week from over...
It finishes around 2 AM on Feb 27, so if you fancy getting your  hands on my new mice at the pre-order price before time runs out, click HERE.

I'd again like to thank everyone who's snapped up something using Kickstarter with their pledge system.

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