Sunday, January 9, 2011

Uniquely produced bas relief plaques and a snow storm...

I'm excited to be working with someone who's developing a unique way of producing metal plaques that reproduce the original art at unbelievably high fidelity (as good if not better than lost wax casting), yet are very light so they can be displayed in frames without pulling chunks off your wall.

I'll have a couple of small bas relief sculptures ready for him in the next week or two to continue his experiments (I'll keep you posted on progress).

Meridee and I were visiting her relatives up and down the east coast these holidays, and we managed to squeeze a couple of days in New York City on each end (it's good to have friends who live in NYC!), and we made it to the Brandywine Museum too so we could enjoy the work of N.C. Wyeth in the flesh.

We both love N.C.'s illustrations. And I've only ever seen them in books. In the flesh they are incomparably better! They just glow and radiate atmosphere and life.
Meridee loves the way you feel as though you are looking into a crystal ball at another world when viewing his work.
Apparently the amazing success of Treasure Island that he illustrated paid for his purchase of the buildings that the museum now occupies.

We also got to spend some time at the Metropolitan Museum in NY and wander through the park in the snow.

Nice day for a white wedding!

As well as randomly bouncing around aimlessly inside I particularly enjoyed hunting down work by Rodin, Barye, Anna Hyatt Huntington, and others.
Rodin's 'Thinker'

We got stuck in the blizzard, and were stranded at Penn Station for several hours until a power cut was fixed somewhere on the train line we needed so the whole place filled up to bursting with people while we waited.
Upper East side

driving on the sidewalk

As soon as the first train to Trenton was announced it was as though a giant tray of ball bearings had been slowly tilted to one side as the mad crush of people converged on the escalators heading down to the platform.
Not much choice but to go with the flow!

I was hoping to announce my new mice and show them this week in an unconventional manner. It had to wait since I've had a cold (I don't want to be spluttering all the way through the video portion!) but I'm hoping I can have it ready later this week...

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