Thursday, January 13, 2011

New mice launched through Kickstarter...Meet Pugnacious Mouse, and Rumpy and Pumpy Mice.

I said I'd be a little unconventional with the reveal of my new mice, so here I go...

I discovered Kickstarter recently and immediately knew I'd have to give it a try!

It's a brilliant way for people to get creative, meaningful or fun things done.
Or to pre-sell soon to be released creations for a limited time at a great price.

If you haven't heard of it before they're well worth a look.
Basically you launch a creative project stating the funding goal needed to complete it, and if people's pledges add up to your goal you get funded, and if not then no money changes hands.

But the great bit is the rewards.
You can offer different rewards if people pledge at least 'x' amount, or 'y' amount.
For my project (to turn my clay mice into bronze) the rewards for backers include getting one or more of the new mice at around 1/2 price thanks to their early commitment.

The down side is you then have to wait for them to get cast!

If you've seen clay originals displayed in galleries for pre-cast orders to be placed at a special rate, my project is an online version of that.

Anyhow, click HERE to see my project on Kickstarter...

And if you have any projects of your own that need financial help to get them off the ground, definitely give Kickstarter a look!

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Deborah Paris said...

oh my!

Steve sculpts critters said...

Birds do it.
Bees do it.
Even educated fleas do it.
It would even seem mice do it too (certainly from the evidence around these parts)...

Lynne E. Windsor said...

Nothing like a bit of rumpy pumpy! Happy New Year to you both!

Matthew Fels said...

Hey, I'm an artist and love mice, paint them and made some mouse houses as well...I love Your mice I wish I had the money to buy one...laid off right now. Anyway, check me out at search for mice or mouse...