Sunday, September 5, 2010

Frog or duck?

I doodled a frog on a napkin for no particular reason the other day.
I must have done this scribble a million times growing up. It's practically a reflex action.

Meridee picked it up and said 'oh, what a cute little duck'.
I looked at it again.
The more I told her it was a frog, the more insistent she was that it's a duck.

Perhaps Meridee was losing her marbles.

Of course when she showed me the duck, and I showed her the frog,  we realized it's simply a matter of how you look at it!

Then she said it had kind of Linus hair, which I liked since Linus was always my favorite Peanuts character.

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Joe's blog said...

I love Linus too!!!

I think it's a frog.

Joe's blog said...

in the second pic the frog is lying on his back.

Joe's blog said...

very cool drawing.

Fay Akers said...

Cute story, thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I vote frog LOL!