Sunday, June 20, 2010

Winning new turtle names picked, and blog posting winner announced!

Wow, what a lot of names to consider!
And that's just in the comments - there were loads more that came by email.

Quite a few made the second and third rounds of my favorites.

I remember quite clearly being given a new set of felt tipped pens in a clear plastic envelope when I was a kid, and one of the first things I drew and proudly colored was Touche Turtle, a Hanna Barbera cartoon character.
That probably sealed it for me when the three musketeers Athos, Porthos and Aramis rose to the top as names for my turtles (Touche Turtle was a swashbuckling sword carrier with a big feather in his hat!).

Since Art Wench was the first to suggest those names, she wins her pick of a mouse from Sprightly, Nosey or Chubby!

The other mouse prize was determined in my favorite fashion: Give everyone's name a number, roll a dice, gather the winning numbers/names together, re-assign new numbers and roll again.
That was enough to seal the deal for beckielboo.

So nicely done Beckie Saar Leone of Florida (time to pick your mouse!), and thanks so much to everyone for entering either with names, or blog posts.
I hope you enjoyed it. Meridee and I had lots of fun going through all the suggestions!

Tomorrow we're going back up into the aspen forest and see if there's any naked people leaping through flames and dancing around those strange structures we found up there...(I'll take my camera!)

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beckielboo said...

Chubby, Chubby Chubby all the way! I'm so excited & totally surprised! Had to take a minute to start breathing again! Thank you soooooo much!

Have a great time in Aspen!


Steve sculpts critters said...

My pleasure beckielboo!
What I should have said is there's a forest of aspen trees near us, not a forest in Aspen.
So while I'd love to have a great time in Aspen, I'll have to make do with here!

Micah said...

Congrats to the winners!

THNX Steve, that was fun :)

beckielboo said...

Well, Here I am again & this time I am berry disappointed! No No, not with Chubby, he is perfect - well, almost perfect, when he arrived, the first thing he did was nose dive into the disposal - I was dumbfounded but then remembered your short story & it became clear! I dried him off & set him next to a plate of cheese & haven't heard a peep from him since!

My problem is this. I got out my beautiful art cards and prepared to write a personal thank you. Oh the thrill of hand ✍ writing a real note!

But wait - no, it can't be - there was no return address on the box. NO ☁ this can't be! But I was sure I'd find it on Globspot, but NO ☁ not there. OK, there is still the website and I was so sure I'd find it there but NO ☒ not there either!

Steve, how could you deny me this oh-so-seldom ✍ pleasure? There wasn't even a ☏ number.

So, now all I can do is thank you here ☚ and ☞ and ☟.

Thank you. I will cherish him as long as I... ♥
Photos to follow at later date!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I want a mouse :(
Seriously, they are fabulous!