Saturday, December 19, 2009

Your Sprightly holiday pictures

I must say I was thrilled when Anne Medley and Dana Currie took Christmas pics of their mice and emailed them to me!

Dana's Sprightly is rummaging about through the Christmas greens...

While Anne's mouse is in front of the tree sporting a Santa hat, which I loved so much I asked her where she got it so I could get one too.

So I bought five little hats!

Inspired by Anne and Dana, here's a pic of my Sprightly with Chubby sporting their brand new festive hats. The spectacular backdrop was provided by Meridee: she painted it, it's the Chama river up near Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu.
So now, thanks to you folks (and Meridee's big stuffed pepper I just ate) I have a nice warm glow inside, just in time for the holidays...Thanks again Dana and Anne!

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Deborah Paris said...

Very festive, indeed! I'd love to see the rest of that painting and in focus- it looks awesome. Merry Christmas to you and Meridee and all the critters (bronze and otherwise).

Steve sculpts critters said...

Hey, Meridee's glad you like it!
She's going to get a blog up soon.
She probably won't post very often, just use it as an online portfolio for a while.
I'll keep you posted.