Friday, October 2, 2009

And the winner is...

Well I hope you all enjoyed that, and congratulations Max Love.
That's a great name, although it's definitely got my spider senses tingling!

Thanks to a gentle ripple of good fortune in the calm backwater of fate you are this time's lucky winner of Sprightly mouse.
My method of selection went as follows: (as random as pulling from a hat, but less fiddly to accomplish!)

Export, then print out the email addresses and names of everyone on my email list.
Divide it into 6 chunks (numbered 1-6).
Meridee, from her reposeful vantage point high up on the bed threw a dice into the corner of the room. Well, her first try landed on the bed, so she threw again!
It was a four, so I continued with group four.

I divided it up, and Meridee rolled again.
The winning names were then numbered 1-5 (all names and email addresses in this group began with the letter 'M').
We rolled the dice together for the last one. It was a two.
Max Love won. So he'll get a solid bronze Sprightly mouse to call his own (or it could be a her of course) and the lucky dice that won it for him or her.

I hope you enjoyed that (I know I did).

Next time I announce a competition it won't be on my blog, it will be exclusively through my email list for everyone who's on it by then, and their friends. Probably sometime in late November.
So thanks everyone for signing up, and keep your eyes peeled in November! Next time my contest will be a tiny bit more involved than just signing up, but not much.

My next post will likely be a return to work in progress on my new pieces for my upcoming Nov 6 show at Manitou Galleries in Santa Fe.

If you haven't signed up and you want a shot in November, you know what to do!

My website. My Etsy store.

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