Saturday, August 15, 2009

My secret weapon and favorite tool for creating sculpture...

A few months ago I answered the question 'What's the one tool you love above all others?' on a sculpture forum.

Here's my answer...

'My computer attached to the internet!
Great for finding reference of everything.
Living creatures, skeletons, anatomy, you name it.
I have a few choice books but you can't beat a computer.'

And here's one great example (click the pic)...

Digimorph is priceless for learning your way around skulls and skeletons.
It's kind of become my secret weapon.
I'm making some more turtles. A stand alone, and a mid sized 'Bumper to bumper'. And probably a new turtle piece or two beyond that.

Being able to spin around skulls and skeletons for an x-ray look inside just can't be topped. It's on a par with having the actual skeleton in your hands.
Better: It's like having a pair of x-ray specs that actually work.
And since the critters are all scanned intact, you don't have to second guess how accurately the skeleton has been re-assembled, since it's still inside the body in the first place.

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