Friday, February 16, 2018

My quick pose figure drawing thought process...

It goes a bit like this making a 2 or 3 minute drawing from life:

Ooh, wow, great pose! Look at that arch and twist and the weight all over there and how great that shape is. Right, so that's the furthest big bit to the left, so if I put that there on my page, and make sure that's no bigger than half way across I should be OK fitting it all in. So there's my furthest point that way, that's where the foot goes. Legs going that way, long legs, couple of straight lines will do for now, hips going that way, ribs twisting this way, couple of straight perspective lines cover those directions, sternum, yup, a bit more space between hips and ribs than average, arms, head there, OK that's where everything's going to go, lets do those wonderful stretched bits. Oh, best do a quick double check, that's directly above that, that's right across from that, that overall area is square-ish, OK, that width matches that width, is that foreshortened part too long? Nope, all good, right, we are a GO for contours...
Look how far out that pelvic point sticks, nice, down the front of the thigh, around that, ooh, nice squish there, that comes in front of that, look how hard that is, I know that goes behind that but I can't see it in this light so I'll make sure I draw it anyway, back around, the weight's all on that side, now let's get that arch in there. Is that gap between those bits too big? Nope, weird negative shape there, but it's good, thank god! Oh, looks like she's lost some of her spring. Her ribs were facing a bit more that way and I couldn't see that part earlier. I won't draw what I see now, I'm sticking with what made me go 'wow'. I know that was facing more that way, now I've got this point in I can put those bits where I know they would be. Keep moving. I love how boldly that wedges into that and how softly that plane curves there. Sharp transition there, soft one there. That part is really straight. Ahh, look at that definition around there! How great is it to see that. That bone, that muscle, I wish I had 10 minutes on this one. What's next? OK, head: Put that there, connect those parts, they'll do for features, I bet I'm nearly out of time. Breasts. Let's get those breasts in. Falling over the ribs, middle third of the rib cage, glad I made the rib cage long enough for those pectorals and arm connections at the top.
Shit, relaxed foot and calf not done, OK she's moved on. Shall I? Yeah, I'll just sling it in real quick here, I know how that goes, toes, that'll do. At least it's all drawn in now, dump that sheet of paper on the floor, OK what pose next? Oh WOW, look at that, OK, I'll have to turn my paper horizontal....etc etc

A couple of 3 minute figure drawings. Prismacolor pencil on paper.

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