Sunday, August 24, 2014

My large bronze turtle 'the sun worshipper' arrives in Canada...

Bronze midland painted turtle in Lake Wilcox park, Town of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. By Steve Worthington.
The sun worshipper.
Although the sun was in when these pics were taken!

My bronze turtle arrived safe and sound and is now installed in Lake Wilcox park.
It's near Toronto, in the Town of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

Well he seems quite popular with the locals, and while you can't see from these pics, he's sculpted all the way around, even where you can't see underneath.

Freshly cast and welded and sand-blasted, but yet to receive a patina

That tickles!

No, he's not balancing a green pom pom on his head!

Making more friends...
It has been a real treat to make this piece, so my thanks go to those who both requested me to do it, and to those who helped me bring it to fruition!

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