Saturday, April 5, 2014

More big turtle shenanigans

I've made lots of turtles so making a maquette (small version of the final big turtle) was pretty easy.
It had to be a particular species so I was careful to avoid my usual hybrid peculiarities, and stick to the facts!
After that I sent it off for enlarging, and this is what I got back...
My maquette was hand made (not digitally sculpted in ZBrush) since that stage was quite a while ago, before I got with the ZBrush program.
It's quite unforgiving, getting your small sculpted wonkiness back in giant size!

They (Axiom 3D Workshop, that is) mill it out of blue foam and then cover it in clay. It's really light weight and easy to work on. I only know them from phone calls and emails, but they are very helpful and know what they are doing!
Starting point: The digitally enlarged maquette with lots of work to do!

First up was to get the head looking somewhat decent...

Looking a bit like a Tim Burton movie prop so far...

That's better! And the tiny turtle on the nose is a reduced 3D print of another turtle (one of my bottle opening ones). I'm going to be making a pendant after making adjustments and re-printing an improved version.
A quick reminder of the final sculpture...

Sliced and diced! Here's my turtle chopped up and having a shim system applied so the mold works well. I wouldn't know where to start so fortunately experts are on hand!

More turtle body parts (some legs/feet and a head behind)
More to come in future posts...

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